Forest Whitaker Directing Louis Armstrong Biopic

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker is planning to get into the director’s chair for a pet project about the life of Louis Armstrong.

In an interview with Forest talked about the biopic he’s planning of the famous jazz musician.

“Next year in April I’m going to direct ‘Satchmo,’ the Louis Armstrong Biopic. I am going to play the character. I won’t play the whole of it, it starts when he’s born. But a couple of people will be performing the character.”

Forest’s had good luck with playing real life dictator Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland, but will he strike it lucky again with another big budget biopic?

It won’t be Forest’s directorial debut but it will his biggest film so far. He was previously in the driver’s seat for Waiting To Exhale and The First Daughter but it seems that nobody really noticed that he was the one directing.

“I haven’t cast the movie. I probably shouldn’t be talking about it because I’m still in the budgeting stages. I have ideas for casting, but I feel that as of now, every person I’ve approached to be on the crew who has read the script has attached themselves to it. I feel as though the same will occur with the actors because the roles are pretty amazing, really great characters. We’ll see.”

I’ve got faith in Forest’s acting abilities but it might come down to whether he can nail Louis’ trademark voice or not.

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