50 Cent Dropping 65lbs For Movie Role

Rapper turned ‘actor’ Fiddy Cent is said to be going on a rigorous weight loss regime for an upcoming film in order to play a cancer stricken high school teen, according to TheBoombox.

First of all, Fiddy just should leave movies alone, and secondly, what the hell is he doing playing a teenager?

He’s 34, people! He can drop all the weight he wants but unless he can do a Benjamin Button and age backwards, I forsee a fail.

The film’s called Things Fall Apart and will see Fiddy (real name Curtis Jackson) to play a high school football player who gets cancer in his senior year. According to director Mario Van Peebles, Fiddy will have to lose 65lbs in order to get the right look of a cancer patient.

Judging by the other films on the rapper’s slate, he’ll have to bulk up almost immediately after finishing this project. He’s got Gun, The Ski Mask Way and Caught In The Crossfire coming up and I’m guessing a super skinny Fiddy just ain’t gonna cut it.


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