Dark Knight Pirate Gets Jail Time

*Growly voice* Justice never sleeps. Criminals think they’re above the law. Well, I am the law.

*Cough* Yeah OK Batman impressions may not be our forte but I had to give it a go when we heard that someone who tried to film The Dark Knight in a cinema has been prosecuted.

According to DigitalSpy, Robert Henderson from Missouri has been ordered to pay $24,738 (£15,982) in damages for selling a pirated copy of The Dark Knight on DVD. He’s also getting two years jail time. Ouch.

You see kids; crime does pay. It pays the people who got hurt by your crime when they drag your ass to court. Especially when those people are Warner Bros.

Mike Robinson of the MPAA said, “This is an appropriate sentence for a very serious crime, and we hope it will serve as a warning to would-be movie thieves that they will face severe consequences for engaging in these activities.”

Also known as ‘Suck it movie thieves!’


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