Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Series To Be Movie

Just as I reported that there are two Dracula movies in production, we got word of another set of movie twins coming our way.

It was announced today in Variety that Dean Koontz, a poor man’s Stephen King, will get to see his series of Frankenstein adapted into films.

Koontz’s version of the story, originally based on Mary Shelley’s gothic novel, will see the mad Doctor Frankenstein and his creation in modern-day New Orleans, wreaking havoc on the locals. The monster, now named Deucalion, gets caught up in a murder investigation incurring the detecting skills of two nosey gum shoes.

Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick will be producing the project but will see it go up against the previously announced Patrick Tatopoulos’ I, Frankenstein.

I’m actually more excited about Patrick’s version; I’m just working on a first come, first served basis today and I’m sticking to it until we see some concept artwork. And the Koontz project better have some pretty spectacular artwork to go up against Patrick as he’s a creature designer and general special effects wiz.

There’s no set date for these two projects so everybody’s got plenty of time to try to get one over on the other team.

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