Tim Robbins Signs Up For Green Lantern

Shawshank Redemption star Tim Robbins has signed on to play Senator Hammond in the new Green Lantern movie based on the DC comic book of the same name.

According to HeatVisionBlog, Robbins will join Martin Campbell’s production which will see Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern, a test pilot that receives a powerful rings that makes him part of an intergalactic peace keeping force.

The role of Senator Hammond is a key part in the making of the Green Lantern’s enemy, Dr. Hector Hammond, into the baddie that he is by way of being a disapproving father and cold-hearted meanie.

But things take a nasty turn when Hector gains psychic powers from a meteor rock. Kind of like every other villain in Smallville.

Previous reports indicated that Mark Strong would play the villain of the piece Sinestro, but will Campbell be going the double villain route like The Dark Knight or is Dr. Hector stealing the show?

Looking forward to a start date in March, the shooting will take place in New Orleans with a 2011 release.


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