Valentine’s Day Spin-Off Already Planned

It’s not even released yet but the star-studded Valentine’s Day has already has a spin-off greenlit, according to reports in Variety.

capitalizing on holidays where people are desperate to hook up with someone, New Line have given the go-ahead for New Year’s Eve with a release date of late 2011.

Director Gary Marshall may return for the project but will the big name stars? Valentine’s Day will see Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Twilight’s Taylor Lautner and McDreamy Patrick Dempsey and more, all falling in and out of love.

But I wouldn’t hold your breath on them returning. It’s always a possibility that they’ll come back and usher in the New Year with a kiss, but it’s simply finding the time around big Hollywood schedules.

Hathaway, Cooper and Roberts seem to have a full calendar to be getting on with but Jessica Alba, who also stars, hasn’t got much slated so there’s a chance we’ll see her stellar acting talents again. Though the actors only work a for a few days on a multi-narrrative project like this, it can be a real pain to work around so many high-profile timetables.

Here’s hoping anyway.


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