Mary-Elizabeth Winstead Signs On For The Thing Prequel

Mary-Elizabeth Winstead, star of the upcoming Scott Pilgrim VS. the World has been hit up to appear in the prequel to 80’s sci-fi horror, John Carpenter’s The Thing.

According to HeatVisionBlog, Winstead is signing on along with Australian star Joel Edgerton to start shooting in Toronto on 15th March.

From the sounds of it, Winstead could well be playing the hero in the movie but unfortunately if you’ve seen The Thing, you know how it ends for the characters of the prequel. It’s said that she will be playing the part of a Ph.D candidate assisting a Norwegian research group in the Antarctic when they uncover a spaceship filled with a bad-tempered parasite.

HeatVisionBlog describe the action as, ’she is forced to team with a blue-collar mercenary helicopter pilot (Edgerton) to stop the rampage.’

This sounds like the prequel will be giving Winstead the big budget leading role she’s worked so hard for, but being used to pretty girl roles, how will she perform as a Ph.D student and the action hero?


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