Trouble Brewing On Burlesque Set?

Sources around the set of Burlesque are reporting that there’s a storm brewing pop star Christina Aguilera and pop Queen Cher as both are vying for the spotlight.

An anonymous source told the National Enquirer that, “Cher’s also become instant pals with her dancers, while Christina barely utters a word to them and has been behaving like a total diva. Everyone on the set loves Cher — but most of them think Christina is a stuck-up upstart.”

Oooh, them’s fighting words. Looks like a cat fight is imminent between the 29 year-old star and the 63 year-old legend, it might be hard to tell when Cher’s angry though, she’s had so much plastic surgery she’s practically a mannequin.

“Christina’s jealousy is ripping the production apart. The movie contains many musical numbers and while Christina has been great, Cher’s come in and knocked them all out of the ballpark.”

Wow, it’s like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford all over again only without the exceptional acting abilities.


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