Top 5 Movie Presidents

Right when a country is down on its luck, when all hope seems lost, people turn to their leaders for reassurance that everything is gonna be alright.

All they need is a rousing speech, a sense of pride and an unbeatable spirit, and having the US army to back you up never hurts. In movies it’s always the President that can save the day by making the tough decision at the right time, shame they can’t do it in real life, eh George?

Of course they’re not admirable heroes every time, yet somehow we still get a kick out of them. Just because you illegally invaded a country and bombed the holy hell out of it, doesn’t mean you don’t have comic value.

In honour of Invictus, and Morgan Freeman’s Oscar nominated portrayal of Nelson Mandela, we have decided to give you a rundown of my favourite movie Presidents.

Oh and I opted out of including Harrison Ford on my list – he’ll always be a given with me!


Sometimes I have to pinch my arm to remind myself that George Bush is a real person and not just a monkey-faced, bad Disney villain. Michael Moore’s explosive documentary about the failings of the Bush administration played out like a bad dystopian film which unfortunately turned out to be a reality.

Now don’t hate on me, but you have to consider that while he was a totally crap president, it takes some planning to swindle an entire country and keep the presidency for eight years. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him and was just waiting for his next screw up, luckily he didn’t disappoint.

Evil genius? Manipulated muppet? Figment of our imaginations? We’ll never know…now watch this clip.


A predictable choice? You’re damn right. Bill Pullman’s President Thomas J. Whitmore has one of the most rousing speeches ever committed to celluloid and whether he’s asking for a Kleenex or your life, by God you’d give it to him.

When the world was faced with anihilation from ugly telepathic aliens, Whitmore, a retired air fighter, jumps in his jet to get involved in the battle. Now that’s pretty friggin cool. Do you think we’d see Gordon Brown getting his hands dirty and sticking two fingers up at alien invaders? Exactly.

Here’s his big speech to the volunteer troops about to mount a last ditch attempt at fending off the aliens.


Now here’s a President we could get behind. Or in front of. Or on top of…

Michael Douglas’ President Andrew Shepherd is a Commander In Chief who’s in love with an environmental lobbyist, but it’s an election year and having a girlfriend brings him under fire. He’s a man torn apart by love for his country, his job and his lady. Awwww.

Great hair? Check. Noble causes? Check. Doing the right thing at the last minute with a rousing speech? Check.

The fact that Michael Douglas happens to be rather good looking in this film in no way impacted my choices. Alright, maybe it did a bit but can you blame me? Check out the final Presidential speech of the film and tell me I’m wrong.


Here’s why I love John Travolta, well, here’s why I love him sometimes. John plays Jack Stanton, a democratic Presidential nominee, who’s both saint and sinner but still the only man you’d want for the job.

Stanton is genuinely concerned with the problems and the people in America but occasionally likes to cheat on his wife, sometimes with his 17 year old babysitter. While I don’t condone him humping everything that moves, it does bring up the question of whether a man who’s a cheater is still fit to hold office or not.

Of course the character was based loosely on Bill Clinton and we all know the trouble he got in when everyone found out he had a mistress. See, here’s where these guys are going wrong: they just sleep with anyone and then they get a story sold about them. They should be paying hookers because hookers know how to keep a secret. I’ve heard.

From this movie I realised that I couldn’t care less if Stanton had a stripper pole installed in the Oval Office; as long as he can get the job done, what the hell.


I had to give a shoutout to the man with the golden voice, for whom I would march right through the gates of Mordor if he asked me to.

In Deep Impact Morgan plays President Tom Beck, an diplomatic, intelligent man whose been planning the salvation of mankind, a series of underground caves, in secret. Maybe a bit too much of a politician but he’s cool and calm under pressure, kind of like how I imagine Obama in 20 years.

I don’t know about you, but he’s such a good leader that I’d forgive him even if he announced that he and Osama Bin Laden were BFFs and that he had the WMD’s in his office the whole time. He made a plan to save mankind, how many people can do that? Check out the trailers and see if you agree.


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