Patrick Stewart Doubts X-Men Return

X-Men star Patrick Stewart has revealed that he doesn’t expect to appear in the new franchise, X-Men: First Class.

At an Australian Trekkie convention, Stewart revealed that he doesn’t expect to be included in the project which is still in early development.

We’re still hopeful though and are praying for at least a cameo from Stewart, hoping he’ll reprise his role as Professor Charles Xavier, the wheelchair bound leader of the X-Men.

In X-Men III: The Last Stand, Stewart and co-star Ian McKellan were made to appear more youthful with a little help from some CGI trickery but director Bryan Singer claims that it wouldn’t be enough this time around.

Singer will be focusing the new movie on the lives of the mutants as they were younger which clearly means that Stewart won’t be looking as fresh-faced as the cast that would surround him. Stewart joked that the director will be hiring eight-year-olds to fill the roles according to

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