Underworld Writer Reanimates Frankenstein

Braaaiiiins! Braaaiiiins!

Oh wait, that was zombies, wasn’t it? Well if you can’t remember what it is Frankenstein’s monster was after either, then we can find out together when the story returns to the big screen in I, Frankenstein.

The story of a man-made monster will come back to life with soft-spoken Kevin Grevioux penning the script and visual effects wizard Patrick Tatopoulos directing.

The project will re-team Kevin and Patrick after having worked on the Underworld triology together, the third of which was Patrick’s first time in the director’s chair. Tom Rosenberg, Lakeshore chairman and CEO, will produce with president Gary Lucchesi and Richard Wright.

Patrick said in a statement that, “It is a privilege to be given the chance to direct this highly visual piece. Kevin Grevioux has created something truly special with I, Frankenstein and I couldn’t dream of a better team than my friends at Lakeshore to make this project happen.”

Kevin said of the film, “The re-imagining of the Frankenstein mythos and the diverse creatures of legend is a dream project for me. I’m blessed and thankful that both Tom and Gary really sparked to the material and recognised this property’s potential as not only a film, but a launch pad for various multi-media platforms.”

The script will be based on Kevin’s upcoming graphic novel of the same name which will be released under Darkstorm Studios. So far, no shooting dates have been announced nor have any cast members been confirmed.

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