Rogen And Williams Waltz In New Romance Flick

Brokeback Mountain star Michelle Williams is set to star with sexy ugly Seth Rogen in a new romantic movie reports Deadline Hollywood.

They reported today that Away From Her director Sarah Polley has secured backing for her next project Take This Waltz. The script made the 2009’s black list (a compilation of the best unproduced scripts of the year) and Rogen and Williams have signed on to play two corners of a love triangle with the third to be cast shortly.

Rogen is yet to take a strictly serious dramatic lead in a movie and as the buzz on this project indicates, it’s not romantic comedy, so he’ll have to keep his funny to himself. Williams however has been steadily making her way up the acting ladder ever since she left hit teen drama Dawson’s Creek and ultimately propelling her to an Oscar nomination in 2006 for Brokeback.

She’s mostly played the indie circuit but with the upcoming Shutter Island pairing her with Leonardo Di Caprio, will she be headed for the Oscars once more?

Away From Her also garnered Polley an Oscar nomination for best screenplay so let’s see if this latest project will see her waltzing her way to a win.

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