Avatar Sinks Titanic’s Box Office Record

Well it’s finally happened folks. James Cameron is officially the King of the world.

Avatar has at last taken the highest grossing worldwide title from Cameron’s other top earner, Titanic. While the exact figures aren’t available right now, it seems that it’s taken roughly $1.843 billion, just tipping Titanic’s $1.84 billion.

Avatar hasn’t taken the US top domestic grossing title yet, but give it a few weeks and it’ll have taken that as well.

I wonder how Cameron felt when he heard the news. He probably didn’t hear the phone as he was swimming in his swimming in his money, Scrooge McDuck stylee.

With such success under his belt, we’re wondering how Cameron is planning to top this new record in the future.

His next slated feature, Battle Angel, looks interesting but can it top the 3D wonders of Pandora?


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