Clash Of The Titans To Be In 3D?

Sam Worthington, star of 3D spectacular Avatar, is a good looking man and he’s better in 3D, so I turned into a silly goose when I heard that his latest film could be in 3D too.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, executives at Warner Bros. will apparently watch sample scenes of Clash of the Titans in 3D and decided whether or not the film should go through a speedy 3D conversion, in time for a Summer release.

And I can hardly blame them; with the industry leaning further into the 3D camp it’s only a matter of time until we just expect movies to be coming out at us from the screen every time.

But on the other hand it is a costly process and can take a long time to convert a film, so we’re on our way but we’ve still some work to do.

Iron Man 2 had the same debate going and it looks like it won’t be getting the 3D treatment but fingers crossed for Titans and Iron Man 3.

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