Amanda Seyfried Mad For Moore In New Movie

You may have seen the real star of Jennifer’s Body, Amanda Seyfried, in The Sun today as they reported on her upcoming film.

It seems that Seyfried is back to locking lips with ladies in Chloe, where she plays a young temptress hired by Julianne Moore to test husband Liam Neeson. But things start to get out of hand when Chloe starts changing the rules.

From the trailer I saw…whoah, it looks pretty steamy but I wasn’t that surprised; it is based on a French film.

While two ladies kissing might be enough for some films, Chloe has a scene where Seyfried parades around in her birthday suit. Sexy and can act – take note, Megan Fox.

But it isn’t just sexy Seyfried that people might be watching for. Liam Neeson had to hold up shooting after his wife Natasha died in a tragic skiing accident and when a tragedy like that strikes people will be watching for tell-tale signs in the performance.


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