Spiderman 4 Officially Taking It’s Sweet Time

Though I’m not exactly waiting in childish excitement for the next instalemt of Spiderman, it’s my duty to report news, even on the crappy stuff.

So Spiderman 4 has been held off from filming due to some serious rewrites causing much frustration to director Sam Raimi.

Most of the problems surrounding the script have been based around which villain from Spiderman’s history to use, with Raimi being adamant that he wants to use John Malkovich as The Vulture he’s going up against producer’s and studio’s demands.

Other writers had been brought in to work on the script but with nothing working the writer of the sequels, Alvin Sargent, is back on board to sort out the mess.

Production was set to start this Spring but with continual script delays and disagreements about big bad villains, it looks like the closest fans are going to get to Spiderman is at this year’s Comicon. Or hardcore fans could get a ticket to New York and see the upcoming Spiderman musical, that’s right, Spidey sings. It might hold you over until Spiderman 4 gets itself together.


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