Knightley And Waltz Get Freudian

He may have been the badass Colonel Landa AKA the Jew Hunter up against Tarantino’s Basterds but now Christopher Waltz is getting his think on.

TotalFilm reports that Waltz will star as sex-on-the-brain therapist Sigmund Freud with Keira Knightley as one of his patients, Sabina Spielrein, in a film based on the stage play, The Talking Cure.

The movie will be directed by David Cronenberg and we’re pretty sure that if you cross Cronenberg and Freud we’re in for weird, super sexual stuff.

The original play follows Freud’s relationship with Carl Jung in the early research stages of psychoanalysis. While Ralph Fiennes played Jung onstage, it’s fellow Basterd star Michael Fassbender that’s in the running for the part.

The Talking Cure will be Cronenberg’s first film in 3 years since his last outing with Eastern Promises and while his latest stuff hasn’t really been a patch on his 80s heyday, we’re happy about any movie that’s going to have Waltz in the lead. He’s Nazi-licious.


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