Jennifer’s Body Review: Maneater

JENNIFER’S BODY: On General Release From Friday 6th November 2009

I’ve not been shy about the affection, shall we say, that we have for Megan Fox.

But we’ll also be honest and say that it is most definitely not based on her acting. I’ve always admired her ballsy attitude in interviews while gents have enjoyed her other attributes.

Well now even the ladies are gaga for Fox after seeing the Diablo Cody penned and Karyn Kusama directed Jennifer’s Body.

When indie rock band Low Shoulder arrive in the small town of Devil’s Kettle looking for a virgin to sacrifice, they come across hot high-schooler, Jennifer (Fox) and nerdy best friend, Needy (Amanda Seyfried). Unfortunately for the town, Jennifer wasn’t even a ‘back-door virgin’ and so the sacrifice goes awry, leaving her with a need to feed.

As Jennifer starts feasting on freshman, Needy is especially worried for boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons). To stop Jennifer munching on men, Needy’s got to toughen up. But can she go up against her childhood friend?

Megan Fox may be on all the posters, but make no mistake, this is Amanda Seyfried’s movie. She plays this horror comedy for all the drama it’s worth and by God she’s good at it. Getting much less press than Fox (because her ’smart bombs’ aren’t as big as Fox’s), you’ll definitely remember her from Mean Girls and Mama Mia.

And you’ll realise that she’s not only a better actress than Fox (not hard) but she’s just as sexy, only in a different way.

It seems Diablo spent all her time building up a character for Needy while Jennifer is left out in the cold. Needy’s realistic teenage reactions are far and above everything Jennifer is given to do e.g., look good and eat people.

The film also suffers from Fox throwing away some golden Diablo Cody lines, but those good lines are fewer than Juno and many might think that this is Cody’s difficult second film. It teeters between a horror, a comedy and a high school flick and never quite manages either well enough to define it. Cody’s efforts to make a cross between Carrie and Heathers come off as desperate but fun to watch.

In horror terms it’s fairly tame and there are no real scares. I was surprised this managed to get a 15 rating as the movie insists on cutting away from the death scenes in an attempt to leave it to the imagination of the audience when, in fact, it’s just unsatisfying. The comedy fares much better but lacks the sparkle and believability of Juno.

Praise must be given to Colin, a goth kid who falls foul of Jennifer’s demonic desires, played by Kyle Gallner. He’s really the only victim we might conceivably care about getting ripped to pieces. Plus he’s cute, even when he’s covered in goth make up.

So the script was so-so and Seyfried was the better actress. But the highlight of the movie is one of the sexiest scenes committed to celluloid in a while. Fox and Seyfried engage in a little girl on girl action in a super hot scene that has nothing to do with the film. At all. It’s totally gratuitous and totally awesome.

I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl, you will be under Fox’s spell by the end of this movie. It’s a horror comedy for 15 year olds, but if you’re older you won’t get your kicks from this. And though Fox might still be the object of my affection, I’m definitely keeping an eye on Seyfried.


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