Triangle Review: Scalene New Heights

TRIANGLE: On General Release From 16th October 2009

Some people like to eat ice cream in the cinema but I’d recommend you go for popcorn whilst watching Triangle.

There’s always a danger of brain-freeze when munching on Ben and Jerry’s at the cinema and you’ll need your brain fully operational for this one.

It’s a beautiful sunny day when Jess (Melissa George) and friends go on a sailing trip only to encounter a fierce storm. When the waves subside they find themselves stranded at sea on a capsized boat when rescue appears in the form of an abandoned ocean liner.

But this ship has secrets and Jess must negotiate a warped timeline in order to defeat creepy assassins in potato sack masks through a maze of abandoned corridors.

Melissa George really proves that she’s leading lady material here but only because she’s shouldering the entire film; the supporting characters are lazily written leaving Melissa to pick up the slack. She pulls off the ‘lone survivor’ part with gusto and even manages to make running in wedge heels look easy, but there are a lot of inconsistencies in her character, even with a loopy timeline.

The set of the ship is impressive and though it looks like your average ocean liner, when things gets hinky it starts to become this nightmarish environment from which there is no escape. Director Christopher Smith shoots the action like a pro even though his past endeavours are few and have only been so-so.

Smith definitely has an eye for dark, psychological imagery; the death scene of one character in particular is genius and gives an insight into the kind of films we can hope Smith will go on to make.

Halloween is fast approaching and people are looking for a good scare, in which case they’d be better off seeing something else. While this is a clever psychological thriller, there are few real scares and you’ll be more impressed with its logic than its gore.

Triangle may be in the vein of Memento when it comes to storytelling but, in terms of a conclusion, you may feel in the dark by the time the credits roll. Still, you’ll be thinking about this for a few days afterwards and it’s a good way to spend 99 minutes but you brain might start to ache halfway through.


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