Diagnosis Death Review: Flatlining

DIAGNOSIS DEATH: Available on DVD from Monday 3rd August 2009

It may be billed as a B-movie, but in reality, this is more like a C movie.

Everyone loves a trashy horror but this one takes itself a little too seriously and ends up worse off because of it.

The leads are slightly lecherous teacher, Andre, and hot, 18 year old, Juliet, who looks like a young Xena. Trapped in a hospital while they trial cancer treatments, the two start seeing visions of a dead writer and her son and as the visions increase, the ward nurse comes under suspicion.

Now if you’ve already Googled it, then you’ll know that the Flight Of The Conchords boys are involved. Don’t get too excited, they’re not the leads and they’re hardly in it (although saying that, Rhys Darby’s scene is really good and I kept waiting for him to announce a band meeting). On the plus side, it’s set and filmed in New Zealand where all the cast members’ hail from so at least you’ll get a laugh from their accents.

Andre and Juliet aren’t the most compatible looking leads and their chemistry is awkward, although this smoothes out towards the end. If this were a real B-movie and not a half-arsed attempt then we wouldn’t care about their chemistry, but there’s no charm to this movie. Supposedly it’s a horror comedy yet the funny moments are few and far between.

Honestly, I wouldn’t watch this again in a hurry but I’m glad I stuck it out to the end just to satisfy my curiosity. It seemed to drag on in places and I think that if you took away the horror/supernatural aspects of the story then the film would be more interesting.

It’s a low-budget movie so the extras are fairly basic; a few deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes that’s pretty boring and a chat track. While this won’t be a huge success it’ll probably end up being a cult hit.

Enjoyable but for a low-budget horror, you can do better.


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