Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II DVD Review: Cluckin’ Great

ROBOT CHICKEN STAR WARS EPISODE II DVD: On general DVD release from Monday 27th July

If when you were a child you were afraid your toys would come alive at night, then you might be freaked out by Robot Chicken.

If you are then not only are you a huge wuss but you also need to suck it up and watch Robot Chicken’s second Star Wars Special.

If you know what Robot Chicken is then you were probably a geek at school, and you know what, that’s OK now. The bullies can’t hurt you anymore. While it still only has a cult status in the UK, its popularity is fast growing and it picked up legions of geek fans when they did their first Star Wars special in 2007.

The best way to describe the mad hilarity that occurs on Robot Chicken is ‘Family Guy flashbacks in plasticine’. The show has had four series so far and goes from strength to strength, with its bizarre mix of pop culture parodies and man-child humour.

The second special comes from the ‘more of the same, only different’ school of comedy. The animation is better this time around with more fluid movement than the sometimes stuttering visuals of the first series and the quality of the models and sets is hugely improved. The miniature sets are lit like big budget movies and the attention to detail is really impressive. If you’re already a fan of the show then you might miss the cheapness of it as it had a certain charm.

Everyone’s got their favourite characters and jokes about Star Wars but the Admiral Ackbar, Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett gags are by far the best.

There are even a few original Star Wars actors doing the voices; Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams and even the guy who did Jar-Jar were involved in the special and appear briefly in the extras. You don’t have to be an enormous Star Wars nerd to get the jokes but if you’re not then you might be wasting your time. It also helps if you’ve seen the first special.

On the DVD we’re treated to two different versions of the special but if I had to recommend one, I’d say go for the extended version. It’s got all the sketches you could possibly want and you won’t feel short changed at the end of it.

The bonus features on here are really satisfying. Not only is there a behind the scenes ‘making of’ but there’s also a video of the special’s premiere at the famous Skywalker Ranch. There’s no boring, serious faced discussion on the show, just fun, backstage conversation type things.

There are also some good little videos about production design and the like as well as two old school Robot Chicken episodes. It’s pretty jam packed so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


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